Daily the Sisters participate in the communal celebration of the Eucharist; heeding the directive in their Constitutions that "they should daily seek refreshment and strength by receiving their Eucharistic Lord in Holy Communion so that they may walk with Him in fidelity to all He commands" (#47). Once a Sister is nourished by receiving our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament can she take Him to all she meets.

To mark the hours of the day, the Sisters meet for the celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours: Morning, Midday, Evening and Night. This is where "Christ joins the community and the entire Church to Himself" (IHM Constitutions, #45).

Each Sister desires to make the Liturgy a worthy praise of her Beloved.  Seeking continually to live the liturgical life, "the Sisters strive to bring their lives into harmony with the liturgy.  In all liturgical seasons they reflect upon and unite themselves with the mysteries the Church is celebrating, bearing in mind that in all season she contemplates her Lord who, because of the joy that lay ahead, endured the cross" (IHM Directory, #14).