Communal Life

"Daughters of the Good Jesus, let us love one another in the heart of our Mother."

- Fr. Joaquin Masmitjá

The community life of a religious family flows from the religious consecration of its members. The term 'community life' does not mean merely living in the same residence for the convenience of common prayer or a common apostolate.  It first entails the spiritual dimension of fraternal communion, which arises from hearts animated by charity.  Fraternal life lived in community is a "Schola Amoris," a School of Love, "in which all learn to love God, to love the ... sisters with whom they live, and to love humanity" (John Paul II, General Audience, December 14, 1995).  Yet, supernatural love does not just happen.  It requires “considerable effort and sacrifice, and demands generosity no less than the practice of the evangelical counsels" (John Paul II, December 14, 1995).

A second element of communal life is the visible dimension, which entails sharing prayer, work, meals, and leisure.  In addition, the members of the community have a common spirit and cooperate in the same apostolate.  They form relationships of friendship and offer mutual support so as to better follow Christ along the path of holiness.  With the foundation of the Love of Christ, and in the context of community life the Sister lives her vocation and is a vital part of a religious family.