IHM Charism

What is a charism?

Charism comes from the Greek word “charis”, which means gift or grace. A charism is a gift given to the founder of the Religious Institute from the Holy Spirit. This gift is for the Religious Institute, and through the Institute for the universal Church.

The Institute’s charism affects the whole of its life. All religious are called to live the evangelical counsels (the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience), to live a life in common, to serve the Church, to pray, to practice self-denial and to have a certain spirituality and devotion, all in imitation of Jesus Christ and Our Lady. The charism of an Institute, as expressed through the Constitutions, will show how this particular Religious Institute lives these elements of religious life.

Explore the pages listed to discover the depth and beauty of the charism gifted to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Wichita. Remember, our charism is a gift from the Holy Spirit to color the whole of our lives – God’s plan for the Sisters’ path to Heaven. However, our charism is also for you. See which aspects of our charism inspire you and what you can incorporate into your own life of faith.