High Schools

Teaching high school students has a beautiful combination of opportunities and challenges – many times they are the same thing!  Our high school students receive quality classes such as: Prayer and Liturgy, Old Testament, New Testament, Catholic Social Teaching, Christian Vocations, Faith and Reason, Church History and Christian Morality.  Each of these semester classes includes content knowledge as well as personal application to our faith journey.

As our high school students meet challenges from people they meet in the world, they have a ready resource in the Sister teaching them.  It is not uncommon for a student to bring a question to class resulting from an encounter with a non-Catholic, with something posted on Facebook or Youtube, or simply a topic that whets their curiosity.

Our aim is to assist parents in forming graduates that can practice, know and share their Catholic faith with anyone they meet.  Our Father Founder wished for the Sisters to form the young in the Catholic faith so they could in turn pass that faith on to their families and others in the world, and thus to transform a society suffering from its divorce from the faith.


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